Kenya Dining Experiencesㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Kenya Dining Experiencesㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Trip highlights

  • Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Dinning experience
  • Nairobi Nightlife and Safari Park Hotel Dinner Experience
  • Kenya Food Tour, Eat Like a Local – Nairobi Street Food Experience Lunch
  • Private Kenyan Cooking Class in Nairobi with a Local
  • Private Traditional Kenyan Cooking Class
  • Special African Dinner
  • Private Interactive Cooking Class and Market Tour
  • Food Walk in Kenya’s Capital
  • Nairobi Gastronomic Tour


Best time to go:  June – October

Tour at a glance

Dining at Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi

For this pre-paid supper at the fashionable Nairobi neighbourhood Carnivore restaurant, bring your appetite. Your driver drives you safely to the restaurant, where you can choose unusual cuts from an unlimited buffet that specialises in ostrich and crocodile meals as well as traditional chicken and pork dishes. This excursion includes a wonderful supper as well as private transfer from your Nairobi hotel.

Dinner excursion at a carnivore restaurant from Nairobi

Transportation logistics are handled by private transportation in a safe car. Dinner is an all-you-can-eat buffet, so come hungry.

opportunity to sample unusual delicacies like ostrich and crocodile

When you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll be seated at a lavish buffet and menu and served side dishes like salads, beans, vegetables, and soup to go with your carnivorous feast. You can return as often as you like to a buffet that is overflowing with more than a dozen charcoal-roasted meats, including sausage and beef as well as chicken, lamb, impala, gazelle, ostrich, giraffe, and the occasional crocodile. Coffee and a serving of pie, cheesecake, fruit, or ice cream for dessert should be served to finish the meal.

Experience Nairobi’s Nightlife and Safari Park Hotel Dinner

Watch vibrant acrobatic shows and take in live Swahili music while chowing down on a traditional Kenyan supper that includes favourites like barbecued beef and jacket potatoes.

A live musical performance and dinner at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi

Vegetarian options are available during the supper feast, and savoury foods are brought right to your table.

After the show, upgrade so you can remain longer and dance to Kenyan music.

The live band plays local, African, Kenyan, Swahili, and country music as the meal is being prepared. The show will begin at 9 p.m. and go until 10 p.m. (Regional times). This programme lasts one hour. You will be served a wonderful assortment of roasted grilled meats; sizzling hot, presented on skewers, and cut at your table; complemented by jacket potatoes, crispy salads, and excellent dips. The restaurant is mostly Kenyan in both atmosphere and cuisine. Choose from a selection of meats, including quality Kenyan steak, tender chicken, traditionally roasted mutton, and lots of vegetarian options.

Nairobi Street Food Experience Lunch as part of the Kenya Food Tour, Eat Like a Local

You have the opportunity to experience a range of regional cuisine on this tour in an authentic atmosphere. It can be challenging to navigate and decide where to go when there are hundreds of places to experience local cuisine, but your host will take you to both well-known and off-the-beaten-path locations so you can sample some of the dishes that locals adore. The following Kenyan specialties are included in this tour: Ugali, Mukimo, Chapati, Nyama Choma, Kuku Choma, Mboga za Kienyeji, Kachumbari, Supu, Madafu, A Mixture of Swahili Dishes, and Samaki.

Private Kenyan cooking lesson with a local in Nairobi

Enjoy a home-cooked supper and a private, authentic cooking demonstration with your host Grace. For anyone wishing to engage with local culture through food, this is the ideal experience. When Grace was a young girl, her mother and grandmother taught her how to cook. When she married, her enthusiasm for cooking increased, and she continued to acquire new cooking techniques from her late husband, a talented chef. Grace works for an NGO that provides business training to women and resides with her daughter on the outskirts of Nairobi. She particularly enjoys entertaining visitors since it allows her to share cultures with them and make them feel at home when they are away from home. Along with cooking, Grace enjoys reading and swimming. During this exclusive, genuine culinary experience, you may get a look inside a typical Kenyan household and learn about the Kenyan way of life and cuisine.

Discovering local customs and cuisine while seeing a native’s home is a rare chance. Join Grace as she prepares a traditional tribal dinner in her little kitchen. Please be aware that Grace will be handling the most of the cooking while you watch because her kitchen is so small. She will ask for your assistance whenever she can. This is more of a cooking demonstration than a hands-on cooking session due to space limitations. Grace will tell heartwarming tales of how her grandmother, who is over 100 years old, used to prepare mukimo for the family, as well as alternative ways you can prepare the dish using things you probably already have in your pantry. During this one-hour genuine Kenyan culinary demonstration in a local home, you will discover how to prepare mukimo (mashed potatoes and greens), ugali (mashed corn flour mixed with water), pilau (spiced rice), and local veggies.

Private Class in Traditional Kenyan Cuisine

Savour preparing regional cuisine with a host family. The best way to sample regional specialties is to prepare, cook, and serve them yourself. The best approach to interact with locals is through this. During this exclusive, genuine culinary experience, you may get a look inside a typical Kenyan household and learn about the Kenyan way of life and cuisine.

Welcome to this fun cooking lesson with a neighbourhood family. Your host will be able to assist you in making the local dish Mukimo. This is a classic Kikuyu dish that is eaten with veggies and beef sauce. The kitchen is large enough to allow customers to assist with food preparation and cooking. Following the cooking, the meal is served, and you make your way to the dining area to savour the delectable native cuisine. You can later depart after visiting the host’s kitchen garden.

Special Dinner in Africa

A wonderful restaurant where you may enjoy Kenyan cuisine or unwind on the large terrace. Friendly people and a good location in Diani.

At your preferred time in the evening, a tuk tuk will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the Qua Bruce restaurant, where you will enjoy an African supper with African dishes or sea food of your choice, a glass of white wine, a bottle of water, and dessert.

Interactive cooking lesson in private and a market tour

By taking part in this workshop, you will learn about the many regional foods, spices used in cooking, and the manner in which food is served locally. You will also get the chance to go to the market, buy the ingredients, help with the cooking, and eat the dinner that we prepared together.

In the cooking session, participants will get hands-on practise preparing the intended regional dish. from purchasing/learning about the ingredients, cooking, and preparation. 1. Collect the visitors from their lodging or meet them at the designated station. 2. Give each visitor a bottle of mineral water and quickly go over the day’s schedule. 3. After reading the plan, set out on your tour and proceed to the market to experience the market and acquire the ingredients for the day’s main course. Discovering how our neighbourhood market runs, seeing how the food is presented, and interacting with the local vendors will be a truly unique experience. 3. Following the market tour, we continue to the home, where guests will be greeted with a snack before heading to the kitchen to start the meal. Everyone can join in this hands-on activity. 4. After the food is prepared, the family sits down to eat while we continue to talk. 5. The guests are then dropped off at their lodging or dropped off at the airport in accordance with the plan. 6. A recipe document is emailed to you in case you need it in the future.

Capital of Kenya’s Food Walk

This is a fun opportunity to try tiny plates and fruits that are grown nearby. Both fruits from Kenya’s highlands and meals from the coast are included. Additionally, you can feed monkeys at the municipal park.

Cassava, cassava chips, roasted maize, roasted sweet potatoes, and unripe coconut will be served as our first course. After that, we’ll head to the market where, based on your preferences, we’ll have pudding with a variety of fruits. We will also serve blended fruit juice, sugarcane juice, and vegetable juices like carrot and beet juice. Being in the market has the extra benefit of making everything we require easily accessible. The city park will be our final stop. Here, we will be able to have our dinner while hanging out with friendly monkeys and giving them bananas, peanuts, or the best, fresh corn off the cob. This is a memorable experience.

Gastronomic Tour of Nairobi

With the aid of this customised gastronomy tour, discover Nairobi through your palate. With a local guide, you’ll experience a variety of traditional Kenyan foods, from porridge to githeri, while learning about the Indian, Arab, and Swahili cultural influences that helped shape modern Kenyan cuisine.

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