A Family Trip to Kenya



– Explore Nairobi National Park the oldest park in Africa 

– Discover the Masai Mara Reserve, one of the greatest wildlife destinations on the continent

– Experience and contribute to the predator identification program at El Karama Lodge.

– Enjoy a visit to the Mara Training Centre founded by Tarquin and Lippa Wood

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Our Kenya family vacation is ideal for all ages and focuses on amazing wildlife and real adventure in style and safety. It is the ultimate natural playground. The numerous game reserves and conservancies, breathtaking scenery, and delightful cultural experiences may all be found in Kenya. While parents enjoy the comforts of the lodges and camps and quality family time, kids can go on bush hikes with Maasai guides and local naturalists. Every lodge we stay at on our trip offers something special, from interacting with the local mamas and kids at House in the Wild to rewilding at Kenya’s first Bush.


Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya

You will receive a warm greeting before being driven to your upscale resort near Nairobi National Park. Any East African safari should begin with a drive through the park, which offers stunning landscape and an abundance of plains wildlife.


Visit one of the most distinctive game parks in the world on a private game drive. Despite being close to the capital, Nairobi National Park is home to an amazing variety of birds and other animals. Relax at the lodge between game drives, or perhaps go see the orphaned elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an innovative programme for relocating elephants and rhinos. The endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe can be found at the neighbouring Giraffe Center.


Laikipia and Nairobi

Fly to one of Kenya’s most thrilling wilderness places for a family vacation full with pleasure. Laikipia, which is well-known for its breathtaking beauty, is home to the second-highest density of wildlife in Kenya. It is one of the few sites in Africa where animal populations are growing and is home to four of the Big 5, as well as other endangered species. Set out this afternoon on a driving safari to discover this ancient terrain and the diverse animals it is home to.



Whether you like to walk, game drive, track on foot with guides, fish, visit the working farm, pick your own vegetables in the organic garden, or fly camp under the stars, this place is all about freedom and seclusion. The staff at El Karama Lodge will make it all happen.


El Karama’s ethos is built on sustainability, and visitors are invited to participate. Participate in the programme to identify predators. All you require is a sharp eye and a reliable camera. All age groups, including youngsters, can participate in this activity from a moving vehicle. Kenya Wildlife Services, Wild Dog and Cheetah Research Program, and Lion Landscapes all receive the information gathered. The Bush School for kids places a strong emphasis on educating and “rewilding” kids. Children will use their time creating clay sculptures, collecting eggs from Sophie’s chickens, and creating plaster casts of captivating sounds. While older children can spend time learning about bushcraft and how to set up and maintain camera traps for wildlife monitoring from the fantastic guides and professional naturalists. Learn about game counts, de-snaring, and tracking for indicators of odd behaviour while you accompany the anti-poaching ranger on a foot patrol (not suitable for children).

Maasai Mara and Laikipia

Fly to the enchanted Maasai Mara and stay at the Wood family’s boutique lodge nestled on the Mara River’s banks for an intimate safari experience. Jump in your safari vehicle this afternoon and drive to the Enonkishu and Ol Choro Conservation Areas, a crucial animal refuge area on the outskirts of the Mara Serengeti ecosystem. African wild dogs, cheetahs, and lions reside in the region. After watching the sun set over the plains, return for a sumptuous meal.


At Maasai Mara

Go on game drives with knowledgeable, experienced guides who are familiar with the area. Wildlife congregates around the resort and easily moves between the Enonkishu and the nearby Ol Chorro and Lemek Conservancies. For those who are more fit, a guided hike or trek up Kileleoni Hill is definitely worthwhile. The view is unobstructed as far as the eye can perceive, and it is the Greater Mara ecosystem’s highest point.


When you aren’t on a game drive, explore the estate, get to know the staff, and assist with daily tasks like tree planting, beekeeping, or supporting the scouts’ conservation efforts. Visit the Mara Training Center, which Tarquin and Lippa Wood created, to discover how the local populations create sustainable livelihoods that coexist with the wildlife. Spend a couple of hours learning about the Maasai culture there. You may see how their huts are constructed, discover how to start a fire with just a few twigs, meet the kids, and listen to the mothers sing. Why not bring some extra footballs, pencils, and pens to offer to the neighbourhood kids’ schools.


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