Top Zambian Dining Experiences



– Cooking Class in Lusaka

– Traditional Zambian Dining With The Locals

– Home Hosted Meal

– Dinner Cruises on the Zambezi River

– Learn to Cook Nshima, the Zambian Staple Food

– Private Tour to Musokotwane Village with Lunch

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Embark on a culinary adventure in Zambia with various exciting options to explore traditional Zambian cuisine, interact with locals, and learn about the country’s culture.


One option is to participate in an interactive cooking class where travellers can learn how to prepare traditional Zambian dishes, such as maize-meal porridge (nshima) and vegetables like chibwabwa and kalembla, while enjoying lunch made from the ingredients. This experience allows travellers to discover what goes into local delicacies and provides an inside look into the preparation process.

For an authentic dining experience, guests can enjoy traditional Zambian dinner with locals, where they can experience the Zambian lifestyle as a local. This experience includes learning about mealtime customs, exchanging greetings in various Zambian languages, and participating in a traditional hand-washing ceremony. Meals are served family-style with communal dishes and without silverware, so guests can fully immerse themselves in the Zambian dining culture.


Travellers can also participate in a home-hosted meal, where they get to purchase the ingredients and participate in the meal’s preparation using eco-friendly methods with a low carbon footprint. The highlight of this experience is a visit to Maramba Market, where guests can handpick fresh ingredients and learn about Zambian cuisine’s history through storytelling and sharing experiences with their host.

Another exciting option is dinner cruises on the Zambezi River, where guests can enjoy the breathtaking sunset while indulging in African dishes, including Zambezi fish. The safari cruise provides a chance to see some of Africa’s Big 5 animals, such as hippos and elephants, with the sounds of the African bush providing background music.

For those who want a hands-on approach to learning about traditional Zambian cuisine, there is a lunchtime class in Livingstone, where guests can learn how to prepare nshima, the region’s staple dish. They can enjoy a cleansing ceremony before dining with their hosts, paired with a vegetable or meat relish of their choice.

Lastly, guests can take a private tour to Musokotwane Village to interact with locals, learn about their culture and traditions, and have a traditional experience.


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