Rwanda Dining Experiences



– Taste unique flavors of Rwanda on a culinary tour in Nyakinama.

– Learn local culinary knowledge 

– Experience village life and farming in Rwanda while learning the local language.

– Hike the Congo Nil Trail for breathtaking views of Lake Kivu.

– Enjoy coffee plantations, regional cuisine, and traditional dances in Rwanda.


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Tours of the kitchen and banana beer tasting

By participating in one of our culinary excursions for a special experience within our community at Nyakinama, you will taste the delectable flavours of Rwanda. Locals will share their unique food culture with you as you learn about it, sample locally produced food, and, if you’d like, participate in the food preparation to share your own cultural culinary expertise. The essence of the local villagers at Nyakinama lies in its cuisine, so be sure to arrive hungry for this delectable feast. We’ll make sure we feed your heart and head to the full with native culinary techniques. It goes well beyond just being a cuisine tour. The cuisine is so excellent that you should definitely book one of our culinary tours. Eat like a native while enjoying locally brewed banana beer, dancing, and drumming that celebrate our culture. Join us for an exciting tour of local activities and gastronomic delicacies.

As the cuisine is being prepared, you will assist the locals and share culinary knowledge. Depending on your dietary needs, you can choose to go to the market with the locals and buy food while it is being prepared.


Visit a Rwandan village

From the beginning of the trip until its conclusion, we look after our visitors by making sure they travel like natives and enjoy the experience. We pay close attention to all of our visitors’ demands, including requests for travel and tourism-related information. Meeting the local community (family), preparing food, seeing cows graze, and experiencing farming in Rwanda meeting and greeting, learning the language spoken there.

Hiking on the Congo Nil Trail (Gisenyi-Kibuye)

One of the most popular travel destinations in the world right now is Rwanda, sometimes known as the “country of a thousand hills” since it is home to more than half of the globe’s rolling mountains.


Trails provide breathtaking views of the Lake Kivu shoreline and allow intrepid travellers a thrilling opportunity to see Rwanda. They are also incredibly cultural since they display everyday life in Rwanda.


Travelers may take in some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the nation here, along with the welcoming locals and Lake Kivu. Coffee plantations, regional cuisine, swimming, and maybe traditional dances come next.


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