The Ultimate Wildlife Adventure



– Gorilla capital of Africa

– Explore Kigali’s colourful past, present and future

– Hike over volcanic peaks

– Search for Rwanda’s last intact chimp population

– Connect with local communities

– Spend the day alongside local people planting trees, building schools – lending a hand

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Spend nine nights travelling around this incredible nation and getting up close and personal with intriguing animals in the indisputable gorilla capital of Africa. On this opulent trip, you’ll learn about Kigali’s vibrant past, present, and future and stroll through sparkling lakes, over volcanic peaks, and past unique animals including the iconic and critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. However, as we expose you to the significant conservation work that is being done here to save this lovely nation, it’s not just about witnessing wildlife in Rwanda but also about safeguarding it. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is one of our favourite capital cities in Africa to visit. On a personal city tour, you’ll learn about Rwanda’s brief but rich history. There is something here for everyone, whether visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, the Kandt Natural History Museum, or the crafts centres and curio stores. The next day, before leaving the bustle of the city for the eastern plains of Akagera National Park, get a genuine sense of Kigali by eating lunch at one of the numerous local eateries. Akagera National Park, which lies close to the Tanzanian border, is Rwanda’s response to your big game safari. The enormous wetland’s acacia trees, swamp-fringed lakes, and rolling plains provide a haven for species that are accustomed to the country’s savannah. Get a tantalising first look from the opulent, stilted Magashi Camp, which overlooks Lake Rwanyakazinga. Then, take the following three days off to go hunting. There is a plenty to see here whether you travel by boat, foot, or vehicle. After a 20-year hiatus, lions were reintroduced to the park in 2015, giving your experience a thrill of big game. With a healthy bird population because to its marsh location, Akagera also shines in the smallest things. 

Enjoy one more nighttime drive in this secluded area of the park before taking a helicopter the next day for a completely different animal adventure. From there, continue on to the Virunga Range’s craggy peaks and the centre of gorilla territory. Volcanoes National Park is located in this hilly area. You have an early start tomorrow as you leave on a gorilla walk at first light. Join professional trackers for one of the most gratifying and exclusive wildlife experiences as you navigate the intimate mystery of the jungle while dodging hanging vines. To find the gorillas, you may have to walk for up to three hours. When you do, savour the occasion. They’ll be available to you for an hour. We suggest? After taking the pictures, put the camera away and just start to watch. How quickly an hour goes will astound you.


We can also set up a hike with Dr. Noel, a renowned veterinarian who is a member of the park’s Gorilla Doctors team, if you want something a little more unique. Since Dr. Noel is a real authority in his area, it is required to embark on this walk alone, but it is well worth it for the knowledge he gives about gorilla behaviour and conservation.


You’ll continue your journey into Rwanda’s highland regions and Nyungwe Forest National Park tomorrow, moving from one primate to another. You’ll have one more wildlife experience in the morning when you embark on a walk in quest of Rwanda’s final intact chimpanzee population. The chimpanzees, in contrast to the gorillas, are a much more extroverted spectacle as they swing through the trees while shouting and hooting.

We advise establishing links with regional groups to round out your time in Rwanda. Our tour guides will introduce you to locals who have ways for you to support these small-town communities. However, we advise going on the final Saturday of the month when Umuganda will be taking place if you want a completely immersive experience. As part of a community project, you will work all day with locals to build schools and plant trees.


Enjoy one more sundowner in these wide, untamed landscapes as the sun sets before returning to Kigali the next day to prepare for your departure.


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