Country of a Thousand Hills



– Trek through ancient jungle to meet chimpanzees.

– Explore the birthplace of Rwanda and its royal history.

– Canoe in the Mukungwa River and discover Twin Lakes.

– Cross the Congo-Rwanda border and visit hot springs

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Set sail on a thrilling adventure to Rwanda, a land of a million people! Embark on a 12-day journey to explore Rwanda’s magnificent natural wonders, cultural treasures, and exotic wildlife. From start to finish, experience the thrill of this adventure in the heart of Kigali.


Meet your guides at Volcano National Park and get briefed on what to expect. As the briefing comes to a close at 8 o’clock, gear up for an exciting drive to Buhanga Eco-park. Here, witness the sacred forest where Rwandese kings performed initiation ceremonies. Learn about the lifestyles of past monarchs and experience traditional dances. You’ll be amazed by their lightning-fast banana peeling skills as you join in the dance.

Grab a torch and protective headgear to explore a pitch-black cave and spot several bats along the way. Later in the afternoon, take a Musanze City tour and visit the local market for souvenirs.


Paddle along the Mukungwa River, which flows past Musanze City and takes you past five volcanoes. Then, take a boat trip to Twin Lakes, where you can explore the islands, snap some photographs, and learn about the history of volcanoes.


Hop in the car and head to Rubavu, just a two-hour drive from Musanze. Take a city tour and then visit the mountain for a panoramic view of Goma. Cross the border at La petite barrier, one of the world’s first borders that welcomes a large number of travelers. Soak in the therapeutic hot springs at Rubavu and let the sand beach take your tiredness away.


Take a scenic drive along the Lake Kivu beltway, passing through hills covered in green tea plantations and village pathways. Be treated like royalty at Betania Hotel, with chilled drinks and fresh grilled fish for lunch. Then, board a local boat and explore Rwanda’s beautiful islands, stopping at Napoleon Island, Blue Monkey Island, and Peace Island to see resident monkeys.

Embark on a challenging hike in Nyungwe, walking on a 200-meter-long bridge spanning two hills. Surround yourself with ancient, gigantic trees, flying monkeys, and paradise birds. Test your balance and resilience 70 meters above the forest on a trembling bridge. Take a tour of the Kitabi tea estate in the afternoon.


Journey deep into the Rwandan jungle, home to chimpanzees who share 80% of our DNA. Spend an hour with them, taking pictures to preserve the moment. You might also spot endemic birds of the Albertine Rift Valley and other reptiles along the way. Hike for an hour to reach a tranquil waterfall, where you can spend an hour taking pictures and enjoying the view.



Finally, drive for two hours to Nyanza, the birthplace of Rwanda. Explore the museum where the illustrious Rwandan monarchs once lived, and visit the king’s palace to learn about the elegance, intelligence, and power of pre-colonial Rwanda. In the courtyard of the palace, discover the renowned Long Horns Rwandan Cow and witness the close relationship between humans and animals. Then, visit Butare’s ethnographic museum to learn about archaeological treasures left by our predecessors. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Rwanda!


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