Uganda Dining Experiences



– Learn about Uganda through your senses on a local food tasting & cultural tour
– Kickstart your day with a coffee tour experience
– Immerse yourself in the flavours of Uganda with an authentic cuisine experience
– Learn to cook authentic Ugandan dishes
– The Kampala food tour will further expand your pallet with incredible Ugandan dishes!

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Our local female guides and a young student chef discuss food, history, and culture. Cook, eat, drink, and explore secret beauties only locals know. Eat like a local for a good cause and support the Free Female Training Project for females and street children. Cook, eat, drink, and enjoy like locals while learning about our culinary delights and culture.

Coffee Tour Experience


Want to discover how coffee is roasted, ground, and brewed? Mount Elgon’s slopes are rich in coffee. A goat in Ethiopia found coffee after tasting the tasty nectar inside the coffee skin. After its discovery, people ate the fruits during hunger and leisure until missionaries and Indian merchants commercialised coffee. Missionaries used to provide coffee as presents. Coffee tour experience in the village provides you a terrific taste of the finest Ugandan coffee manufactured by you in an organic method that entails pounding dry coffee beans with a wooden mortar to remove the husks and roasting them in a dry saucepan with minimum charcoal. Coffee-making options are available. We have red, yellow, natural, and semi-washed honey coffee.

Authentic cuisine experience
This action changes lives.  Positive energy, stress relief, open-minded, experienced people. It has an authentic atmosphere and is full of fun and laughing; it’s magnificent and unforgettable. It teaches how to see the world differently.  It also teaches cooking creativity.
This tour will focus on learning how to cook authentic Ugandan foods, including Kachumbali, Matooke, ground nuts sauce, steamed meat sauce, and vegetables. We will also taste what we have cooked so make sure you have enough room in your stomach .
Dress in light clothing, bring a white apron and chef cap, and wear shoes with a rubber sole to avoid accidents. Hygiene is very important, so please shower before we start our activity. If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance so we don’t make you prepare that food.
Lastly, we’ll prepare Baganda sauces in LUWOMBO banana leaves.  This leaf is made by heating a banana stem until it changes colour.  FUN, RIGHT?

Fun in Uganda


During this activity, clients are given a mandate to reach the kitchen and prepare their own dishes as they wish to enjoy local food. Beers, spirits, and wines are available so clients can order cocktails. Clients can have any drink of their choosing, including coffee, beer, spirits, wines, and soft drinks. They can also enjoy lunch and dinner, including local and continental dishes, while listening to local and international music.


Kampala food tour


Travellers will like this activity because they’ll sample authentic Ugandan delicacies. Ugandan food will be served. This comprises matooke, yams, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, irish potatoes, chicken, beef, groundnuts, peas, and beans.


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