Tastes of Tanzania



– Enjoy a farm-to-table experience at Africa’s Best Safari Lodge, voted by Travel + Leisure
– Roast a goat with a Maasai warrior!
– Stay in the wilderness, surrounded by wildlife
– Taste banana beer, Tanzanian doughnuts, and fresh cinnamon
– Experience Swahili cuisine
– (Don’t worry, the wildlife is for viewing only)

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Visit a private nature refuge in the Eastern Serengeti with a quick, picturesque fly. Your guides will give you a little history of the 12,000-acre sanctuary as you make your way to camp. Enjoy the opportunity to observe animals along the path, which is one of the noticeable effects of local conservation initiatives. This extraordinary wildlife preserve, called “Giraffic Park” by one fervent Thomson visitor, is home to giraffe, eland, dik dik, ostrich, leopard, and even wild dogs. Stretch your legs this afternoon by going for a quick yet beautiful walk (a luxury not available in the national parks). You and your guide will be accompanied by a local wildlife scout who will point out nearby species. Enjoy a welcoming dinner this evening at camp.

Get up early to go on a morning walk through the refuge. It’s lovely to be walking on the plains at this time of day. You will then go to several local community development initiatives, such as a primary school for Maasai kids and a hospital that specialises in maternal care. After lunch, you will visit a nearby boma just as young warriors are returning home with their cattle to discover more about the remarkable culture of the Maasai. The camp cooks will do a cooking demonstration this evening at your Nyumba, which will be followed by a typical Tanzanian feast. A night wildlife drive using an infrared spotlight can be taken by those who want to continue their journey in search of nocturnal creatures like bat-eared foxes and aardvarks.

You’ll run into members of the Enjipai Women’s Group, which was started by a small group of Maasai women with a lot of business drive, as you leave the Eastern Serengeti. Guests are welcome to purchase ornately beaded jewellery to support their charitable endeavours. You will be able to see a lot of wildlife as you travel deep into Serengeti National Park. While antelope, zebra, giraffe, and other animals continue to graze, the big cats frequently pass these hours dozing off on the granite outcroppings of rock (also known as kopjes) that dot the plains or up in a tree.


Nearly 6,000 square miles of grassland plains, savannah, kopjes, hills, woodlands, and riverine forests make up Tanzania’s second-largest national park, the Serengeti. Big prides of lion, as well as local leopard and cheetah, will surprise safari visitors looking for big cats. Other frequently encountered creatures are the gazelle, buffalo, giraffe, topi, hartebeest, ostrich, and jackal, but what you will find most astounding is the whole range of the fauna and environments.


The majority of us learned about the “Great Migration” from nature documentaries that depict some of the most exciting scenes. A year-round phenomenon that is eternal and frequently misunderstood, the migration involves around 3 million wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles who cross the plains in search of food and water. Large herds will congregate on the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti during the green season. The world’s largest mass birthing event will occur when thousands of pregnant female wildebeest give birth to their calves. The finest time of year to witness huge herds and lion prides with their young is now. The highest number of leopards and cheetahs may be found in Africa in this region. You will return to camp after a full day of animal viewing, where Chef Jody will collaborate with the local cooks to create delectable small meals utilising rustic techniques and seasonal local ingredients. The absence of modern kitchen appliances and full-time electricity in all of the camps contributes to the uniqueness of the safari dining experience.


Enjoy one last Serengeti game drive this morning before heading to the airport. To get to the Ngorongoro Highlands, take a private charter flight. You will be greeted at the airport and driven to the acclaimed Gibbs Farm. Settle into your lodgings, go for a stroll, have tea on your porch, or just unwind with your other travellers.


Enjoy a full day of extracurricular activities at Gibbs Farm today. Gibb’s Farm, hailed as a three-time Travel + Leisure Top Safari Lodge in Africa, is appealing in part because visitors have access to more than 60 acres that may be explored on foot. Visit the veggie and herb gardens. Take a walk through vast coffee farms. Visit the farm where the artists in residence live and work. Make a reservation for an optional spa service with the Maasai healers, who combine contemporary and conventional methods in their treatments (prior reservations and additional fees apply). Or just locate a peaceful area to unwind and observe the passing of time. The good life is this!

Gibb’s Farm has a working dairy and pig farm, 5 acres of flowers and herbs, 10 acres of vegetables and fruit, 30 acres of coffee, and today you will experience the rhythm of farm life. Join chefs in their daily practise of waking up early to gather fresh, organic vegetables for the day’s dishes. Divide into smaller groups later today and prepare to get your hands dirty as you assist Jody in the kitchen. The creativity, passion, and cultural encounters that have gone into today’s gourmet supper will be a celebration of your Tanzanian voyage. You may use the rest of the day whatever you like.


You’ll leave for Ngorongoro Crater, a self-contained habitat filled with species, early this morning. This caldera, which is sometimes referred to as “Africa’s Eden,” is one of the few spots on earth where it is possible to observe all five members of the Big Five in a single day. And that’s only the beginning; this natural wonder is also home to herds of wildebeest and zebra, hundreds of vividly pink flamingos around Lake Magadi, and baboons and warthogs in the Lerai Forest. Return to Gibbs Farm at the end of the day, where you and your new acquaintances will congregate around the tembo fire, an outdoor seating area tucked beneath the organic gardens. You can unwind tonight while taking in a farewell supper created by the skilled Gibb’s Farm chefs.


Before returning to Arusha, get up early and enjoy the lovely chorus of songbirds from your verandah. You will have the chance to say goodbye to your safari companions and visit the touching Shanga workshop over a special farewell lunch at River House. For local disabled persons who had few, if any, employment possibilities elsewhere, this socially responsible firm creates new jobs and a sense of purpose. The employees gain the ability to become involved in the community and contribute to the welfare of their family as they pick up new skills. Before your evening trip home, move to a day room so you may clean up and have a small snack.


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