Local Life and History of Mauritius

Local Life and History of Mauritius

Trip highlights

  • Port-Louis, an important commercial port since 1721
  • Cosmopolitan Cultural Heritage
  • Historical & cultural exploration
  • Colourful streets of Chinatown
  • History, architecture, food, old trades, unknown quaint places, local customs
  • Assortment of Mauritian dishes
  • Basics of Indo-Mauritian Spirituality

Best time to go:  November – March

Tour at a glance

Mauritius has traditionally retained a vital position on the Indian Ocean’s marine routes. Port-Louis, a commercial port since 1721, reflects this rich history. This tour showcases international culture. This historical and cultural tour includes food tastings.

Neighborhoods tell different tales. The Gujerati spice districts, Port-Louis’ calm places of worship, Chinatown’s colorful streets… Port-Louis has various facets: history, architecture, food, traditional trades, picturesque sites, local customs… Join us to see the city differently.

We’ll teach you about the city’s rich culture and fascinating stories while enjoying street food. You’ll try steamed dumplings, dholl puri, gato pima, and sweet vanilla black tea. You’ll meet Port-Louisians and hear their stories.

Mauritius is a great destination to learn about Indian culture.

About 500,000 Indians arrived to Mauritius to work in the sugarcane plantations a century ago. They brought languages, culture, Gods, and food. Their exile and opportunities are remarkable. This section of Mauritius’s history is crucial to understanding our society now.

We’ll visit a Hindu temple. Learn Indo-Mauritian spirituality and the Gods’ pantheon. We’ll also tell you how to remove curses,’mauvais air,’ or malevolent spirits from the island.

After the tour, we’ll take you to a temple-restaurant.

Charming and eager women cooks whose family departed India three generations ago will greet us. They’ll invite you into their kitchen where they’re chopping vegetables, stirring onions and thyme, mixing spices, and preparing rice. They prepare scrumptious (and occasionally spicy) Indian-inspired cuisine every day. A cookbook!

About 500,000 Indians arrived to Mauritius to work in the sugarcane plantations a century ago. They brought their culture, gods, and music.

Geet Gawai is a women-only Hindu wedding band. They’re a great time to learn about northern Indian culture.

Geet Gawai singers, dancers, and musicians will rehearse in a community. Local instruments will be played alongside classical Indian instruments. DIY instruments fashioned from bottle caps, wooden poles, and copper pots.

You can also learn dance moves. We’ll translate the songs’ lyrics, which offer pious but hilarious advice to newlyweds.

Old ladies and their daughters will tell us how ancestral practices were adapted to local circumstances, creating a distinct and variegated culture.

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