Sumptuous South Ethiopia



– A boat trip on Lake Chamo

– Guided visit to a Dorze village

– Visit the unusual and distinctive Konso and Hamar villages

– Visit the Dimeka Market

– Enjoy a forest coffee: Ethiopia is of salutatory significance for coffee enthusiasts

– Tutu Falla stone structures near Wenago

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Travel by air to Arba Minch, considered a “gateway” to the South. You’ll have the option of going out and viewing the sites, or staying at the resort to enjoy the spa, huge pool, and gourmet dining. The views of the vast and densely forested gorge from the deck are breathtaking.


Guests of Nech’Sar National Park can enjoy a morning boat ride on Lake Chamo. After that, visit a Dorze village with a guide. The Dorze are well-known for their weaving skills and unique architectural style (which has been described as resembling “bee-hives on steroids” by Philip Briggs in the Bradt Ethiopia Guide). Visit Konso and you will witness the area adorned with beautiful, intricate terraced hillsides. You will visit a traditional Konso village, known for its unique architecture and culture.

Visit one of the Mursi villages near Jinka and learn about the customs and daily life of the people of this tribe by stopping in at the Key-Afar market. Mago National Park is a great place to take a breather and do some sightseeing if that’s what you’re interested in. There are lots of birds, butterflies, and even small mammals like Dik-diks to watch. The next stop is Turmi.


Learn about the customs of the Hamar people by spending the morning in one of their villages. Go to Dimeka Market afterward. While staying at Buska Lodge, you can also travel to a nearby Karo hamlet with stunning views of the Omo River. 


Take a trip to Yirgalem by way of Sodo and the thriving lakeside city of Awassa/Hawassa. As the sun sets over the forested ravine, one of the staff members will call out the wild Spotted hyenas, and you will get to see a miniature version of the more famous hyena-feeding activities that take place in eastern Ethiopia.

Many travelers say, “Yirgalem is beautiful!” Definitely agree. The surrounding forest is ideal for birdwatching (also, plenty of mischievous Grivet and Colobus monkeys about). Because it was first discovered in the Ethiopian area of Kaffa, a trip to the country of Ethiopia is also of curative value for coffee connoisseurs, who can enjoy Forest coffee there. Ethiopian coffee, along with several Latin American kinds, is widely considered to be among the greatest in the world, and celebrations celebrating the beverage are conducted all across the country in the early evening. You can also check out the Tutu Falla stone structures past Dilla and close to Wenago.


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