Discover Mauritius & Madagascar



– Zip Line Over The Forests
– Go Snorkelling with exotic marine life
– Embark on relaxing Forest Hikes
– Visit Rum Distilleries
– See thefamous Crocodile & Giant Tortoise Park
– Eat Traditional Mauritian Cuisine
– Go Whale Watching

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On this fantastic adventure through Madagascar and Mauritius, there is a brilliant mix between the active and restful, and the natural and aquatic worlds (lemurs, chameleons, giant tortoises, dolphins, whales, snorkelling).

Your tour begins in southern Mauritius, known for its nature reserves, magnificent scenery, and wild environment. After a zip line trip over the jungle, tea and rum tastings, a short flight takes you to Andasibe, Madagascar’s largest primate, the indri. Hike through forests to spot lemurs and at night to spot chameleons. Return to Mauritius to see dolphins, sperm whales, and Blainville’s beaked whale.

Visit Chamarel’s ‘Seven Coloured Earths’ These unusual dunes are ochre, brown, yellow, red, and purple blue. Once mingled, they invariably become layered. You can sip tea at the Bois Cheri Tea Plantation before visiting one of the world’s most magnificent rum distilleries, Rhumerie de Charmarel. You may wander amid palm trees, banana trees, and large bamboos at the crocodile and giant tortoise park. Visit the park’s butterfly collection.

Half-day zipline tours in Rivière des Galets’ magnificent trees and waterfalls can also be experienced on this tour. The zip line tour includes some trekking, swimming in clear lakes, and stunning glides above forests, rivers, and rocks on the 250-metre-long zip line. Traditional Mauritian curries, chutneys, and desserts round out the morning’s activities.

Visit the Andasibe-Mantadia National Parks. The indri’s mournful cry wakes you in the misty edges of Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks. You get two days to explore this highland forest’s lemurs, reptiles, and birds. The indri, a black-and-white teddy-bear-like lemur, is one of its most famous residents. Brown lemur, smaller bamboo lemur, and red-bellied lemur also live here. On night hikes with torches and a guide, you may encounter nocturnal lemurs such the brown mouse lemur, greater dwarf lemur, eastern woolly lemur, and sportive lemur. The variety of chameleons you may encounter will dazzle you.

Back in Mauritius, you may plan whale viewing, catamaran rides, dolphin spotting, reef snorkelling, and island lunches. Don’t forget to book the Baystone Lagoon Turquoise Excursion to Ambre Island for a private picnic lunch among the mangroves.


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