Uncover the Beauty of Ethiopia:
An All Inclusive Safari Adventure



–  The Towering Bale Mountain National Park

–  Rare Ethiopian wolf and exotic birdlife

Bustling Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Gelada monkeys

–  National Museum of Ethiopia

– Spectacular views of Lake Chamo and rugged cliff peaks

– Spectacular photographic opportunities

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This 13-day Ethiopian safari takes you to the Senkelle Wildlife Sanctuary and Bale Mountain National Park in the highlands, where you’ll follow Bale Monkey trails.   Our Ethiopian safari includes a cultural experience with the Hamer tribes in the Omo Valley, a boat ride over Lake Chamo, a visit to the Langano Lakes, hiking through Arba Minch, and a stop at the Guassa Community Conservation Area to see Ethiopian Gelada monkeys playing and scavenging on the grassland plains.


Tour Ethiopia’s beautiful capital on your first day. In 1887, Emperor Menelik II made Addis Ababa his capital due to its advantageous location 2,700 meters above sea level in the central highlands. Drive to 1,585-metre-high Langano east of Lake Abijata in the Great Rift Valley. A lakeside resort near Lake Abijata’s sandy beaches will host your overnight stay. The on-site restaurant hut serves authentic Ethiopian food while you watch the sun rise and set over the lake, birds dive for food, and clouds descend over the cliffs.

Drive to Bale Mountain National Park. On your Ethiopian safari, you’ll test your camera at several stunning photo spots. You will find pristine moorlands and harsh rocky outcrops, dense woods full of tall, green trees that cling to the sides of deep valleys, peaks that pierce the clouds, and countless species and insects unique to this region of Africa. Dinsho, in the Bale Mountains, is 3,207 meters above sea level. Menelik’s Bushbuck, Mountain Nyala, and the endangered Bale Mountains vervet monkeys are native to the area. Look for them as you walk through the woods!


Bale Mountains National Park is best explored with a local guide. The remote, pristine national park. This Ethiopian safari will show you nature at its best as you climb over rocky peaks and through dangerous vertical cliffs into dark tunnels to trace Mountain Nyala, which is unique to this region.

Take a walking safari through the lush forest, home to many animals and insects. New crab and frog species live in the woodland stream. Hiking into the forest is the best way to find Bale Monkeys hanging from trees and making sounds. Birdwatchers will find many parrot and lovebird species, including the endangered Ethiopian Cisticola.

Take a charter flight to South Omo (Murule), Ethiopia’s Garden of Eden, for your next safari stop. The rustic camp near a river has igloo-style tents with cozy beds and stunning views. A chef prepares tasty local food and forest hike lunches. After settling in, travel through Konso, Weito, and Key Afer to Jinka, a southern market town. You’ll spend the day learning about the Karo tribe’s body scaring, body painting, and beadwork.


The Hamer tribes of Turmi, a market town, are known for their elaborate body art, Evangadi nocturnal dancing, and bull jumping rituals. Eland, bushbucks, vultures, and eagles will be seen on the three-hour safari drive. In order to join the Maza tribe, boys must jump over a line of 10 to 30 bulls while naked.


Drive to lakeside Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The terraced slopes, exquisite woven fabrics, and carved totem poles used to decorate graves in the Konso region—recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List—will be your pit stop. The Konso tribal king’s residence and Machekie, a dry, sandy town with thatched cottages and free-range goats and chickens, are accessible.


End off your trip on Lake Chamo, you’ll see snorting hippos and vicious crocodiles. Visit Azo-Gebeya, Africa’s largest crocodile market, on your way to your hotel. This trip will be ideal for you to uncover the true beauty of Ethiopia, so get booking today and make the most of what this itinerary has to offer.


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