Botswana Cooking Safari



– Authentic African cooking experience

– African cultural immersion

– Absolute best of local Botswana produce that allow you to taste a traditionally infused dishes

– Daily cooking classes around the campfire

– Experience the very essence and spirit of what an African meal means.

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Enter the most authentic African culinary experience and escape the chaos. Authenticity is at the heart of everything we do, from the lodges we pick to the regional food we buy to our welcoming employees. We make sure that our visitors receive first-rate treatment as soon as they arrive, so they can immediately feel at ease and enjoy a fantastic cultural immersion into Africa. We ensure that all of our food is derived from the highest quality local Botswana produce, from our vegetables to our meat. On your mobile safari, our exceptional chef will accompany you and keep you amused the entire time. The sensation of spending several days straight in the wilderness cannot be adequately expressed in words. the fragrance of meat frying on the braai, the sound of the lion roaring early in the morning, the crackle of the fire beneath the brilliant starry sky. When you are in nature, something happens—a reset and reconnection. We provide an environment where guests can unwind entirely, let go, and fully immerse themselves in an intensely real African experience, leaving them feeling refreshed, rested, and re-inspired.

You will be shown everything that Bush Cooks has to offer through this safari. The untamed thrill of a mobile safari and the gastronomic twist of a traditional and infused cookery trip are what we hope to combine. The best game watching Africa has to offer may be had on early morning and late afternoon game drives in your very own private Land Cruiser. What better place to do this than Khwai and Nxai Pans? Your knowledgeable guide is free to follow the best trails in pursuit of distinctive animal watching possibilities that are simply not available to charted regions. While guests are out on their twice-daily game drives, all tents will receive daily maintenance. Your three daily meals will be given to you in the dining tent, and servers will attend to all of your needs while you eat. Daily cooking courses around the campfire are included in your culinary safari journey, where our chef will show you how to prepare traditional meals over an open flame. This stunning and authentic bush experience is located in the community-run Khwai Concession of the Okavango and offers breathtaking views of the lagoons that effortlessly fade into the surrounding vegetation. The Khwai Concession is among the most beautiful areas of the Okavango Delta and provides one of the most sought-after opportunities to see wildlife in Africa. Your first game drive will be offered to you, starting at the landing strip and ending at camp. We have chosen to keep things simple for your first dinner by serving you a delicious braai because everyone is feeling a little worn out from the long flights from abroad.

At 05:30am, a continental breakfast featuring warm porridge in the African style will be provided. One of our knowledgeable guides will take guests on a three-hour spectacular sunrise game drive at 6:00 in the morning. We’ll stop halfway through at a viewpoint where you can enjoy tea, coffee, and a few unexpected breakfast treats. After arriving back at camp, you will have the morning to yourself. Your first culinary session will start soon after lunch. You will learn how to make the dinner that you will have later that evening, a slow-cooked meal. After that, you’ll embark on a second game drive in an effort to find the Big Five. Your designated professional guide will highlight the greatest secret areas for game viewing, showcasing views of beautiful animals. Africans typically enjoy a “braai” with friends and family, where they may converse and share stories while experiencing the true spirit and soul of what an African meal entails.

Another early-morning game drive We’ve planned a special breakfast for you in a rare location, so this drive will be a little bit longer. After returning to camp with tummies full, we will give you some well-deserved downtime to unwind before we embark on our next thrilling adventure. There will be a mokoro boat tour in the afternoon. You will experience what was previously the only mode of transportation in the Okavango Delta while being accompanied by the river guides. You will all have the opportunity to use this age-old form of transportation while travelling through the rivers and their tributaries in a dugout canoe constructed of wood and seeing wildlife along the way. You will be treated to another dinner session after a busy afternoon. While guiding the visitors on his motivational and genuinely African journey, the chef will employ locally produced products to showcase and enrich Botswana’s flavorful and rich heritage. You won’t want to pass on the opportunity to encounter the elusive nocturnal wildlife on a night game drive after dinner with the group!

Take a scenic flight for the chance to observe the grasslands, canals, and wildlife that make the Okavango Delta so famous. We’ll meet you at the airport and drive you to a picnic area for a leisurely lunch with a view. After that, we will go by private transport for two hours to Nxai Pans National Park. You will be transferred to our game viewer van and driven to camp after arriving at the park. The camp is best known for the tens of thousands of zebras that migrate to the area each year—the second largest land animal migration in Southern Africa—as well as the renowned, centuries-old Baines Baobab trees. It is situated on the western edge of the fossil pan and faces east over the grasslands. For a supper experience, our chef will have you seated by the fire. We will use the local ingredients to make a variety of dishes that are flavoured with traditional ingredients in a setting that contrasts with that of Khwai.

The group will leave at 6:00 am for an early game drive with the chance to see elephants, cheetahs, and zebra herds that are migrating, all while being accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. We will stop for tea, coffee, and light refreshments at a viewpoint with expansive views while on the game drive. You will be seated for our exciting lunch session when you get back to camp, where we can show off some of the lighter dishes that the locals so ardently promote. After lunch, you will have a seat back, unwind, and simply take in the surroundings before helping us prepare supper. While the chef walks them through his inspiration and the background of the food, the group will have the chance to interact and participate in the cooking.

The group will set out for the Meno a Kwena Tented Camp in the early morning. The camp, which is situated along the Boteti River, has a view of the Makgadikadi Pans National Park. Breakfast will be served to guests in the form of a picnic beneath the fabled Baines Baobabs. The group of baobabs is known as “The Sleeping Sisters” and was named after the well-known painter and explorer Thomas Baines in 1862. What could be better than having breakfast with these ladies? The party will enjoy lunch at the lodge before heading back to the camp, honouring the distinctive flavours of Africa. Visitors will learn about the regional food and way of life. The afternoon’s remaining activities are up for grabs. Our chef will make you the final of our wonderful dinners as dinner is served at the lodge.


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