Seychelles Ocean Safari



– The ultimate in marine playgrounds

–  Island-hop around three of the Seychelles’ most pristine and enchanting islands

–  True marine adventure

– Turtle tracking 

–  Kayaking amongst turtles

– Stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking

– Snorkelling

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Visit the Seychelles Islands, which are home to some of the most diverse marine life on planet, and explore the islands’ pristine waters and plentiful fauna. This safari offers a wide selection of activities to keep everyone entertained and offers the ideal balance of adventure, nature, and relaxation. It is more than just a picture-perfect paradise.


Explore the pure white and vivid turquoise of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. Start at the distant and essentially uninhabited Astove Atoll, then jump over to the gorgeous Cosmoledo Atoll, an island protected from human influence for many years. Try kayaking among turtles or fly fishing in the rich waters. You may encounter some of the most diverse marine life on earth when snorkelling in these pristine waters; keep an eye out for manta rays and clownfish. The best scuba diving in the Seychelles may be found at Alphonse Island, where you can also go birdwatching, bike about, or swim with spinner dolphins. Everyone may find something to like on this trip thanks to the extensive selection of marine and land-based activities and the numerous opportunities to explore breathtaking azure waters. It is a true tropical safari experience.

The Astove region, which is around 35 km southwest of Cosmoledo Atoll, was mostly discovered between 1000 and 1500 AD by Arab sailors and traders. The island soon saw an increase in tourism, and a fishing company started farming tobacco along with maize, tomatoes, and watermelons. The Veevers-Carters soon received ownership of the island and developed the necessary infrastructure while raising cattle, pigs, goats, and tobacco. The island was eventually abandoned, and in 2014 it was formally designated as a wildlife reserve. The island’s beauty has been beautifully preserved as only a few visitors are allowed there each year. It is also strongly suggested that contributions be made to the preservation of its ecosystems. Here, you may go on walks with wild gigantic Aldabra tortoises, go on an excursion to see the stunning rays and sharks on the reef flats, or go scuba diving on the “Astove Wall.” Sundowners on the beach, flats lunches, and de-tackling drinks and munchies after fly fishing in some of the richest fishing grounds in the world are all specialties to be experienced on this island.


Investigate Cosmoledo Atoll. This gorgeous atoll, also known as Wizard Island, is situated 560 nautical miles southwest of Mahé in the Seychelles and is a must-see tourist destination. Being one of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, Cosmoledo’s calm beauty had historically been shielded from anthropogenic activity, leaving it raw and unaltered by it—a rarity in today’s world. Staying here is an experience unlike any other because of the Seychelles government’s commitment to preserving and conserving the atoll’s natural riches, and Cosmoledo Eco Camp undoubtedly provides adventurous people with the chance to immerse themselves in a unique and privileged experience. Try stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, or simply don your snorkelling gear for an amazing underwater adventure rich in marine life. Spend your days exploring the island with a skilled guide. While frogfish, boxfish, and clownfish can frequently be spotted by snorkelling near to the shore, it won’t be difficult to discover sailfish and manta rays here in some of the most diverse oceans on Earth.

Alphonse Island is 400 kilometres southwest of Mahé and is reachable by plane in one hour. This island is frequently referred to as the Seychelles’ top spot for scuba diving. With 15 dive sites, it is a paradise for both seasoned divers and those who are interested in diving for the first time. There is a PADI dive centre that is fully stocked and provides a range of diving lessons for visitors with different levels of experience. Go on an undersea adventure with nurse sharks, eagle rays, and green turtles. If scuba diving isn’t your thing, swim with the local spinner dolphin pod or take a break from the water and explore this picture-perfect island on a bicycle, where there’s still plenty of wildlife to see. You can expect to see the red-footed booby, souimanga sunbird, Madagascan turtle dove, and Madagascan white-eye, as well as more than 75 Aldabra giant tortoises, in this region, which is home to over 130 species of birds. With the assistance of a qualified and skilled team, the avid angler may anticipate having a genuinely unforgettable fishing experience. You can take advantage of fishing and tackle shops that offer a wide selection of gear and rigorous catch-and-release regulations to protect the local fish populations.


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