Trip highlights

  • Beach, Relaxation, Buzzing Bars, Al Fresco Dining
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rock Fortress, Rock Paintings and Frescoes
  • Tooth Temple, Magnificent Hills, Tea Plantations, Kandy Lake, Traditional Dance Performances
  • Colonial Hill Station, Tea Plantations, Asia’s Oldest Golf Course
  • Elephants, Leopards and Aquatic Birds, Sithulpahuwa, Magul Vihara
  • Portuguese and Dutch Heritage, Beach, Watersports, Diving, Local Dances
  • Geoffrey Bawa Architecutral Excursion, Temples and Mosques, Independence Square
  • Beach, Relaxation, Water Sports, Islamic Heritage

Best time to go:  November – April

Tour at a glance

If you’re seeking for variety, book this private beach vacation in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, which also includes fascinating cultural encounters and peaceful natural settings.

Negombo is a thriving seaside town with lots of places to unwind and unwind! The town is near to Colombo and is nestled on the edge of the Negombo Lagoon. It has a long, lively beach.

A boat journey down the Dutch-built Hamilton Canal will allow you to take in the sights and sounds of daily life in Sri Lanka. This 100 km long, still-in-use Dutch Canal that runs through the town was formerly a supply route for the Dutch administration, old churches, and fishing towns. It’s a great opportunity to see the area from a different angle. See water monitors, crocodiles, monkeys, different fish, and birds along the trip. Visit Muthurajawela and go by tiny boat across the wilderness to Negombo lagoon.

If you want to travel through time, Sigiriya is the perfect destination! Discover this Mesolithic site that is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a 5,000-year history. Sigiriya, which translates to “Lion’s Rock,” is so named because it protrudes from a granite summit, towering over the lush rainforest nearby at 180 metres. You can see the Sigiriya Rock Fortress from a great distance, and it has a distinctive shape. Additionally, you may find the intriguing Sigiri apsara rock paintings and frescoes, which were painted inside the crevice of the western rock face and depict mythical dancing damsels. Visit the Mirror Wall to learn about graffiti from the seventh through tenth centuries! Please be aware that this exercise necessitates a high degree of physical condition due to the fortress’s steep steps.

During this hour-long visit, see the biggest and best maintained cave temple complex in Sri Lanka! The Dambulla rock caverns, which date to the first century, were transformed into Buddhist temples when they were used as monks’ lodgings. The five caves that are hidden beneath a sizable overhanging rock will astound you. With innumerable representations of Lord Buddha, bodhisattvas, and other gods and goddesses, each one now serves as a shrine room. The walls are covered with mural murals that show the Buddha’s path to enlightenment and his teachings. This has been a significant Buddhist pilgrimage place for many years.

After the old city of Anuradhapura was destroyed in 993, Polonnaruwa—Sri Lanka’s mediaeval capital—became the nation’s second capital (from 10th-12th century AD). Observe the historic ruins of the garden city established by Parakramabahu I in the 12th century as well as the Brahmanic monuments constructed by the Cholas in ancient Sri Lanka. Visit the King’s Council Chamber, Royal Citadel, Kumara Pokuna, Royal Pavilion, Vatadage Relic House, Kiri Vehera, and Gal Vihare Ruins. View the Art, Architecture, and Sculpture at Gal Viharaya, Thuparamaya Image House, and Lankatilaka Image House.

The capital of the Singhalese kingdom and the final autonomous city, Kandy was founded in the 14th century. Explore the final royal capital as you delve into regality. Consider visiting Dalda Maligawa, the gold-roofed Temple of the Tooth, which contains the most revered Buddha relic—a tooth. Countless visitors can be seen performing pujas (prayer rituals) all over the temple complex. You can also take in some beautiful scenic vistas as you are surrounded by fragrant tea plantations, majestic hills, and a lake. Take a leisurely stroll around Lake Kandy, a lake that is off-limits to fishing. At the Ceylon Tea Museum, a former tea plant from the 1920s, you can sip up the history of early tea drinkers like Lipton and Taylor. Enjoy traditional dance performances that stir the senses and introduce viewers to the performers’ tribal origins.

Discover a gem from Sri Lanka! The historic capital of Kandy, which is over 500 metres above sea level, provides a diverse collection of historic beauties. On a lovely Kandy loop, via three Hindu-Buddhist temples built in the 14th century, see centuries-old famous temples and architectural wonders before returning through Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. Embekka Devalaya, Lankatilaka Vihara, and Gadaladeniya Temples are a few of the city’s other well-known attractions. Visit a nearby batik printing plant to see stunning traditional and modern motifs and colours.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is about 80 kilometres (three hours) away from Negombo. Observe the largest herd of captivity pachyderms in the world as they travel to the river twice daily to take baths. Pinnawala, which is run by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department, promotes breeding as well as helping injured wild elephants get better and be returned to the jungle. Also splashing around are the young jumbos who were left orphaned after their parents were killed by poachers or accidents. Discover how their human guardians, known as mahouts, who give them bottle feedings and baths, tame, raise, and train them. (USP: One of this orphanage’s highlights is bottle feeding

This is undoubtedly a trip to a bizarre hill station with swirling mists and cascading waterfalls—Sri Lanka’s very own “Little England”! depart for the charming Bambarakanda Falls, Sri Lanka’s highest waterfalls, from Nuwara Eliya. You’ll see villagers along the road and see folks picking tea leaves as you drive by vast colonial estates with planters’ houses. Visit Lanka Falls for a break, go swimming, and eat some delectable picnic fare. Travel through the Devil’s Staircase, a portion of the trail that has three hairpin turns and is steep and tight. As you approach the falls, take in the sight of the silvery waterfall that plunges between Mount Welhena and Mount Bambaragala. Platforms with excellent views of the surroundings are ideal places to relax and sit on benches. Before returning, take a cooling dip in the plunge pool at the base of Bambarakanda Falls.

Adventurers can hike to the “World’s End,” a sheer 1,000-foot vertical cliff that is a distinctive feature of Horton Plains, at a height of 2,134 metres. Even the most observant traveller is impressed by the natural beauty. If you’re lucky, you might see the Giant Squirrel, Black-napped Hare, Black-throated Munia, Sri Lanka Magpie, and Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush.

Southeast Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park is a vast natural paradise filled with animals. On a morning or evening jeep safari in the woodlands of Yala National Park, you may go on a safari in elegance and have an unforgettable experience. The diverse wildlife that resides here can be enjoyed up close and in person. There are roughly 44 different types of animals, many reptiles, and a variety of lagoon wildlife, including as elephants and deer. There are 125 different bird species to see if you enjoy bird watching, especially in wetlands where waterbirds and waders have set up residence. The Panthera Pardus Kotiya subspecies, an endangered species found solely in Sri Lanka, can be found in the park. Please be aware that Yala occasionally closes in September and October for maintenance.

While staying at Chena Huts, go on thrilling jungle safaris in Yala National Park. Your naturalist guide will accompany you as you explore the diverse bird and animal life of Sri Lanka’s second-largest national park. Arrive at the jungle camp on your first day by late afternoon, just in time for a superb lunch. Visit the park’s parklands, lagoons, and jungles on an afternoon safari to see the numerous elephants, wild buffalo, crocodiles, primates, and birds. By sunset, return to your camp and unwind with delectable beverages and snacks before your outdoor meal is served. Prepare for the morning safari, which provides some of the best chances to see animals in their native habitat, by going to bed early. If you’re fortunate, you might even see an endangered leopard from Sri Lanka! The park is renowned for its efforts to conserve species, particularly for the elephant, leopard, and buffalo that call it home.

Galle provides a distinctive historical and cultural viewpoint on Sri Lanka’s growth throughout the colonial era. Discover historical facts and get a glimpse of what life was like in a port city in the 16th century as you explore Galle Fort and take in its legends and myths. The Maritime Museum has a large collection of archaeological artefacts on exhibit, some of which are 800 years old and were found in shipwrecks. Observe how the inhabitants of this enormous Dutch fortress—a UNESCO World Heritage site—live nowadays. There are several stylish and upscale stores where you may buy antiques, handcrafted lace, and jewellery. Admire the coral reefs and coastline beds of deep blue water while relaxing in charming garden and terrace cafés.

At Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, enjoy a private island getaway that is all-inclusive. After you’ve settled up, go snorkelling in the lagoon with a guide to see some unusual marine life. Included are a quick scuba diving lesson and a visit to a nearby island. To explore the waters off the island, you could also choose to embark on catamaran, windsurfing, or kayak trips. Spirits and drinks are available in the room for your refreshment. Visit the game consoles at the recreation centre during a break to rest indoors. Between meals, munch on nibbles and replenish with milkshakes, coffee, and tea. You can order unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks by the glass at all the pubs and eateries. Enjoy cultural activities and cocktail hour in the evenings to unwind. Enjoy a la carte selections and buffet menus at several dining establishments on the resort when hunger strikes.

This all-inclusive deal in Velassaru Maldives allows you to unwind on a secluded island. In the main restaurant, start each morning with a substantial breakfast. Utilize the free ocean kayaks and snorkelling gear to explore the surroundings of the island. Enjoy meals from all over the world for lunch and dinner at one of eight dining establishments. Juices and fizzy beverages might help you stay energised throughout the day. All of the on-site restaurants provide a variety of wines, beers, and spirits.


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