A Seychelles Family Experience



– Explore the famous beaches

– Visit the local markets

– Experience the diversity and inspiring scenic beauty

– A tour of the capital, Victoria

– Breathtaking panoramas of rambling tropical vegetation

– Delicate Creole lunch prepared from our succulent local fruits and vegetables

 – Undisturbed snorkelling sites

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The six-day vacation offers a stroll through several lovely tourist destinations of the archipelago, from Mahé’s Victoria city tour to Praslin’s beaches and woodlands. Families may indulge in a variety of enjoyable activities at this location.


go to the Inter-Island Quay, where you may get a boat to Carol Strand. The family is given the day at their leisure. Families are welcome to venture outside to explore the island after check-in and lunch.


Enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel before leaving on your own with your family to explore the island. You can venture outside to discover the island’s well-known beaches. As two of the most stunning beaches, Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are much sought after. For that collection of family photos from the vacation, the beaches are ideal. After visiting the neighbourhood markets, return to the hotel.

Experience the diversity and breathtaking natural beauty of Mahé, the biggest island in the Seychelles, in the luxury of an air-conditioned vehicle as you pass high granite peaks and lush slopes before arriving at golden-sand beaches bordered by crystal-clear tropical seas. Begin by taking a tour of Victoria, the nation’s capital, and taking in its historic clock tower and vibrant market while your guides tell you about the islands’ past. Following the market tour, they will dazzle you with legendary tales as you travel via winding mountain road to the charming old Mission Lodge, where stunning views of sprawling tropical greenery, soaring granite peaks, and the turquoise ocean await. Continue on for a delicious Creole meal made with our fresh, flavorful local produce. The Craft Village, where an intriguing selection of arts, crafts, and tropical goods are produced, is a charming place to wind down after a long day.


A fantastic adventure awaits you as you journey along Mahé’s northern shore. Before sailing our catamaran “Catalina” back to Victoria. Starting at “Danzilles,” the palm-lined path follows the old granite boulders’ shapes along the barren northwest shore. Along the route, our knowledgeable guides will show out some of the distinctive flora and animals of the Seychelles. At Anse Major, where Catalina is docked in the protected cove, the 1.5-hour hike comes to a conclusion. The day’s tour begins with a cruise to Bay Ternay Marine Park after you board a dinghy from the immaculate beach. En there, you’ll stop at gorgeous snorkelling areas where you may opt to swim, spend time feeding the fish, or simply relax on the roomy deck. Before the leisurely sail home, lunch is provided on board. Full-day Sail: For a fresh view of Mahé, consider boarding Catalina from its mooring in Victoria and taking in the sights while unwinding on a daylong cruise around the coast.

Take in the distinctive atmosphere of La Digue, the fourth-largest island in the Seychelles. The ox-cart and bicycle are the primary forms of transportation on this real island, where the rhythms of island life still pulse loud. After meeting you at the charming island dock, we will lead you carefully down the island’s winding paths to L’Union Estate, where a magnificent old Creole home, a copra mill that has been rebuilt, and a boatyard all evoke a bygone era. Anse Source d’Argent, a nearby beach, is regarded as one of the world’s best and most photographed beaches. Here, enormous granite rocks, crystal-clear waves, and a beach of the finest sand combine to create a bather’s dream. After that, take some time to relax and have a sumptuous Creole meal in La Digue’s friendly atmosphere. One of the world’s rarest species, the Paradise Fly Catcher, may even be seen by bird watchers as it flits around the island’s lush hillsides.


Your excursion will begin with a leisurely sail through Hodoul, a reclaimed island that is home to several herons and cattle egrets. Then drive inside the marine park and board our semisubmersible to see the teeming reefs while keeping your feet dry. Before starting your submarine expedition, give the fish their meal. We provide lightweight snorkelling jackets and other snorkelling supplies so you may explore the amazing undersea world up close. Enjoy a delectable outdoor buffet made in the typical Seychellois way while lounging in the sunshine. Traditional Creole rhythms will be used by our multitalented staff to spice up the lunch. After lunch, there is always time for a leisurely swim or, perhaps less strenuously, a nap in the afternoon. Join us then as we sail casually via the islands of the marine parks on our way back to Port Victoria along the picturesque route.


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