A Maldives Culinary Masterclass



– Hands-on cooking sessions

– Tour of the cities of Male and Villimale

– Visit Male’s fish market and local market

– Experience Maldivian afternoon tea

– Dine in the home of a local family

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The Maldives are known for their astounding beauty, which is a result of a combination of coconut palm-lined islands, brilliant white beaches, serene lagoons, turquoise waters studded with coloured corals, and a profusion of marine life. Traveling to an inhabited island is the ideal opportunity to take in this natural beauty and learn about Maldivian culture and history. This offers the chance to mix the island lifestyle with some relaxation and water sports. Those who want to visit the Maldives for a little period should consider this gourmet package.


With a stunning view of a turquoise lagoon, Ripple Beach Inn offers all the modern conveniences and chic decor of a boutique hotel, just minutes from the seaplane hub and Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE). On the island of Hulhumale, it is just across from the beach and just ten minutes via direct shuttle from the airport, so you may reach your hotel within 30 minutes of landing. All the excursions and activities one would anticipate from a resort are available, including diving, water sports, fishing, and island hopping. Aside from enjoying the two kilometres of white sand beach and serene lagoon, staying at Ripple Beach Inn also allows you the chance to see how Maldivians actually live.

Tour of Male and Villimale

Take a Male City tour after being picked up from your hotel. You will always have a guide with you, and you will visit the Friday Mosque, the President’s Palace, the local market, Sultan Park, and the fish market. Before boarding the public ferry to Villimale, stop for lunch at one of the many establishments that overlook the river front. There, you can join Save the Beach and explore the little island of Villimale, which is southwest of Male, to learn more about the more sedate side of city life.


Explore the peaceful streets, discover the names of the local trees, go to the spice factory, and discover more about Save The Beach’s conservation efforts. A neighbourhood café on the beach will also serve traditional hedika for you to try. Before going back to Hulhumale, you will partake in traditional sweet and savoury appetisers with black tea.


Experience the Local Lifestyle

The best cuisine is always homemade, and having this experience will make your life lovely. Not only will you help choose the ingredients from the Male market, but you’ll also get to spend time with a local family cooking traditional foods that you’ll then get to eat in their house with them.


A 10-minute taxi trip will take you to the suburban island of Hulhumale in North Male Atoll. While not a 5-star resort, Hulhumale makes the perfect starting or ending place for a longer vacation in the Maldives. This man-made island was created by reclaiming land from the sea to provide alternative living space outside of Male.

There are numerous nearby coffee shops, a few nearby eateries, and a tiny neighbourhood shopping district. The island’s east side has a long, unending beach that is the perfect place to swim, snorkel, or simply unwind after a successful day of diving. The lone hotel offering alcohol on a local island is a short bus ride from the airport, and the city of Male is only a 20-minute boat ride away for those who like to end their day with a beer.


White rice and roshi, a flatbread made of flour, are staples of Maldivian cuisine, which is focused on fish, particularly tuna, chillies, and coconuts. Typically, fish is roasted, smoked, burnt, or grilled. Products made from pork are absolutely forbidden. It is important to remember that Maldivians typically eat with their fingers when dining on native islands, therefore food is not usually presented sizzling hot. While drinking bottled or boiling water is encouraged, you can completely safely wash your teeth with tap water. On nearby islands, all food is halal.


Make the most of your time on this idyllic island with additional water activities, snorkelling, and trips to resorts.


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