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– Fine Dining

– Kimberley and the Karoo

– Northern Cape, Upington

– Fish River Canyon | Keetmanshoop

– Etosha National Park | Atlantic Coast

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Your luxurious train is ready to leave on this amazing adventure, which will be the height of elegance and grace. You will be served afternoon tea as you journey south through the northern Witwatersrand’s goldfield mines while admiring the sweeping scenery. Get comfortable in your opulent travel accommodations and spend the evening at a fancy meal.


The railway travels 3,400 kilometres over nine days from the Highveld savannahs to the Atlantic in the west. The first stop after leaving Pretoria is Kimberley. The “Big Hole”—the biggest man-made hole in the world—can be explored here. You may discover more about the lengthy history of the area and its once-famous diamond town.

In terms of scale, the Fish River Canyon is second only to the Grand Canyon as the railway travels through the bleak landscapes of the Northern Cape. This long valley splits the crust of the earth, forming a river teeming with life. The enormous scale illustrates the strength and magnificence of nature.


You may then visit Garas Park in Keetmanshoop and the fascinating Quiver Tree Forest, a garden of this well-known, desert-adapted flora. This piece of land is among the oldest and wealthiest in the world, as evidenced by the quiver tree, which may live for unfathomable lengths of time. The quiver trees blossom in June and July, luring creatures and birds from far and wide to the delicious nectar of these ‘blessed’ plants.


Continue on across the wild splendour of the Kalahari Desert to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, a bustling, international metropolis with a noticeable German influence. After a brief flight, travellers will spend the night in Sossusvlei, a beautiful pan in the Namib Desert, before spending the next night in the game-rich Etosha National Park. A memorable finish to a magnificent voyage, the train crosses the Namib on its last morning to the immaculately preserved German Hansa village of Swakopmund from the 19th century and Walvis Bay.

Namibia’s capital is Windhoek. Take a tour of the city to witness its stunning German influences in the architecture and culture, which still permeate the city today.


Following your trip, you’ll take a quick flight to the magnificent and historic salt pan known as Sossusvlei, where the largest sand dunes in the world make one feel little against the stark natural grandeur. The contrast between the red (oxidised) dunes and the white-baked salt pan makes this a popular location for photography. It’s interesting to notice that a dune’s age may be determined by how red it is.


The train that will take you on yet another journey will lead you to the glittering Atlantic Ocean, whose luscious shoreline appears to go on forever. This is the centre of the Namib Desert, a bizarre and complicated melting point of fog, sea spray, and sporadic rocky outcrops where sand dunes meet the shore.


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