Gorillas, Wildlife & Beach Safari



– Endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda

 – Big game and migration herds of the Serengeti 

–  Perfect beach retreat of Ras Kutani

– Track the golden monkeys

– Balloon Safari

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A breathtaking big five safari visiting the best of East Africa, such as the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda, the gorilla doctors, and a direct fly to the Serengeti’s heart for the ultimate big five experience.


A one-of-a-kind safari seeing the best of East Africa would include monitoring the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda, taking in the big game and migratory herds of the Serengeti, and unwinding at Ras Kutani’s idyllic beach resort. You stay in some of the top lodges in the area while on this safari, maximising your comfort while getting the most out of your time there.

Visit Ruhengeri and the Volcanoes National Park in the north. This two-hour trip winds through Rwanda’s stunningly mountainous countryside. As you get closer to your destination, the Virungas, a series of five unimaginably high and tall volcanoes that span the western branch of the Rift Valley from east to west, will start to come into view (weather permitting). Together, the mountains make up one of the most remote and strikingly beautiful ecosystems in the world. Each peak has its own distinct personality and silhouette. The Volcanoes National Park, which has been called a “real island in the sky,” is home to some of the world’s last mountain gorillas, which George Schaller and Dian Fossey originally investigated here in 1959.


The gorillas are natural creatures and in no way domesticated. In order to find the group, the guides will use information from the previous day and their understanding of the gorillas’ routines.



Because of this, the amount of time needed to follow the gorillas might range greatly, from 30 minutes to up to 9 hours until one returns to camp. Your party will only be able to spend a maximum of an hour with the gorillas after they have been discovered. A peek into one of these amazing creatures’ eyes reveals the connection that exists between them and us, making this one of life’s most unforgettable experiences. It also emphasises how vulnerable they are to extinction and how important it is that you are here to help ensure their existence. Often, the hour goes by far too quickly.


One of the biggest concentrations of lion prides, as well as frequent sightings of leopard and cheetah, may be found in the centre Serengeti. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to see the endangered black rhino in the Moru region. You can choose to go on a Serengeti Balloon Safari one morning, leaving at 05:30. Champagne, a full English breakfast in the bush, and a flying certificate are all included in the balloon flight, which lasts around an hour. The typical passenger weight for balloons is 80 kg.


Relax and take in Ras Kutani’s comfort and tranquilly. Located on a peninsula with a white sandy beach, a freshwater lagoon, and a coastline of tropical vegetation. The ideal way to unwind on an African beach.


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