A Cultural and Nature
Experience in Zambia



– Daytime & nighttime game drives

– Visits to textile & pottery workshops

– Kayaking

– A night on Domwe Island

– KuNgoni Centre of Culture and Art

– Stunning nature and culture 

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From the birds of the Dzalanyama Forest and the big game of South Luangwa National Park to Malawi’s interesting KuGoni Centre of Culture and Art, this Malawi and Zambia itinerary focuses on the beautiful environment and culture of these neighbouring nations.


For a genuinely peaceful experience, go on day and nocturnal game drives in South Luangwa and kayak across Lake Malawi to an isolated island where you may bathe, snorkel, and spend the night. This Malawi and Zambia itinerary offers lots of opportunity for walking and trekking, not to mention kayaking, to delight more energetic travellers, unlike many traditional African safari vacations. Additionally, there is a tonne of participation and connection with the local community, which gives visitors a far better understanding of these nations and helps locals and cooperatives profit from visitors’ vacations.


A licenced guide who is well-versed in the park’s ecology and animals conducts game drives in specially customised 4X4 open safari vehicles. Locally, game hikes are optional and are possible.

You will get the chance to travel through the village, meet the residents, and learn how to pound corn. We will also taste some native cuisine, drink some local beers, and get a glimpse of life in a rural Malawian community. This tour, which is genuine and unstaged like living there, would undoubtedly confirm the favourable reputation of the Malawian people for their kindness.

From the lodge, a variety of routes go into the nearby forest. You may choose how challenging or leisurely your walks are, or if you’d rather, you can unwind by the creek or on your verandah.

Before arriving at our lodging, we take a beautiful drive across Malawi, along the Mozambique border, and through Blantyre, the country’s commercial centre. Along the way, there are several worthwhile stops, including vistas, market booths, and rock art. The Shire Highlands of Southern Malawi are home to the tranquil, stunning wildlife park and resort known as Game Haven. Witness first-rate animal watching, including kudu, roan, eland, sable, giraffe, zebra, and an abundance of birds.

A highlight will be a lesson on tea tasting after a walking tour of the famous Satemwa Tea plantation. A variety of white, black, gold, and flavour teas are produced by them. Return to the opulent Huntingdon House after the tasting, where we will enjoy a wonderful meal. Following lunch, visitors can drive a little distance and then hike up Thyolo Mountain, a beautiful location with stunning views of the lower Shire Valley. For serious birders, the uncommon and endemic Thyolo Alethe can be seen in the woodland that surrounds this picnic area. Return to Game Haven in the middle of the day to unwind by the pool, go for a stroll, go mountain biking, or even play a game of golf.


Port Maclear. Before crossing the Shire River, passing through the old village of Mangochi, and continuing to follow the shoreline north, we pass via Zomba, where tours of the bustling Zomba Market are available. Mid-afternoon arrival to Cape Maclear allows time for a sundowner while lounging on the beach.


a day of leisurely beach activities, such as non-motorized water sports. Alternately, stroll through the nearby hamlet, hike across the mountains, or pay a visit to important cemeteries.


Spend the entire day on the lake. We will board a catamaran and spend the entire day sailing around the islands, stopping at one island for a picnic lunch, snorkelling, and kayaking chances. Time your arrival back on land to enjoy a sundowner.


Drive to Mua Mission; the KuNgoni Center of Culture and Art is located there. Through its Chamare Museum, Carving Center, and new Research Center/Library, it offers insights into Malawi’s history and culture. The museum covers the Chewa, Ngoni, and Yao civilizations, including their rites of passage, interpersonal relationships, and interactions with Islam and Christianity. It also has a distinctive collection of Gule Wamkulu masks, writings, and images, and dance performances may be scheduled. There is a vibrant community there, as well as an arts and crafts school whose students produce some of the best wood carvings in Malawi and go on to sell their own creations around the country.


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