Bitter Sweet Rwanda & Uganda



– Seek out the rare mountain gorilla

– Learn about Rwanda’s devastating history

– Visit Mikozi Village 

– Enjoy an optional cycling tour

– Magnificent views of the mountains surrounding the lakes

–  Tracking golden monkeys in Volcanoes National Park

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Every person should travel to Rwanda, a country that is frequently overlooked. You’ll not only discover the tragic incidents that occurred here, but you’ll also see a stunning nation that’s always attempting to advance. This makes for a vacation that may occasionally be physically and emotionally taxing but will be spoken about for the rest of your life. Add this to an amazing quest to find Uganda’s mountain gorillas, and you have a trip that will be talked about for the rest of your life.


Rwanda’s capital since gaining independence in 1962 is Kigali. Most people know Rwanda with the horrifying genocide that occurred there in 1994, but this is a country that has been working hard for years to recover its economy and has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. Although the past cannot and can not be forgotten, Rwanda’s tourist industry has a promising future because of its friendly people, an abundance of lakes, and the stunning Virunga Mountains.

You will then go to Ntarama Church, located about 30 kilometres outside of Kigali. The 5000 victims who were massacred inside this church during the 1994 genocide are now remembered in a horrific memorial. The clothing of the victims is hung from the walls and rafters, along with shelves full of skulls and heaps of bone. Visit the Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre to learn about the approximately 50,000 people that were killed there. The horrific abuses endured by women during the genocide are a focus of this website. With a local lunch and an afternoon city tour that includes a stop at the artisan market, we take a break from the tragic history.


Visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, which was established in 2004 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the mass killing of the Tutsi population. It acts as both a memorial for loved ones lost and a museum explaining the history and effects of the genocide in Rwanda.


On the northern shore of Lake Kivu, have a free day in Gisenyi. Kivu is the biggest lake in Rwanda and the sixth-largest lake in all of Africa. It serves as a natural boundary between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Take a boat tour around the lake to observe birds and stop at some of the smaller islands, or travel to Napoleon Island to go trekking and see birds and its sizable fruit bat population. Alternately, spend the day exploring Gisenyi and the taverns and palaces from the colonial era that are located near the lake.


Go over the border and into Kisoro. a town in Uganda that is situated around Lake Mutanda. The starting point for various national parks, including, of course, those in quest of the nation’s mountain gorillas, is Kisoro, which is situated close to the Virguna Mountains. Visit Mikozi Village to get a feel for Uganda’s rural landscape. Go to the neighbourhood markets and consult a traditional Ugandan healer.

Climb through the challenging, hilly landscape of Bwindi National Park with a native guide and trackers as you look for mountain gorillas. A brief eye contact with these animals is a profoundly primitive experience, and visits are closely regulated to minimise disruption. Don’t be fooled: tracing gorillas is not an easy task; the park is dubbed Bwinidi Impenetrable for a reason. The incomparable joy of stumbling upon a bunch of gorillas makes the effort worthwhile despite the damp, muddy, tiring, and uncomfortable conditions that might be encountered. Spend an hour observing the gorillas as they feed, sleep, groom, and play while the male silverback keeps an eye on them. Then, head back to the lodge for supper and time to process your amazing experience.


Still buzzing from your gorilla experience, return to Rwanda and the town of Ruhengeri (about 1 hour including the border crossing). Enjoy the optional bicycle journey to the Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes in Rwanda. This region is distinguished by its high, lush hills and stunning vistas of the mountains that around the lakes. You may cycle across the breathtaking landscape in this area, stopping in tiny communities to spend time connecting with the locals.


Maybe you’d want to indulge your love of primates and go golden monkey tracking at Volcanoes National Park with a park ranger. These monkeys are far faster than gorillas, and you may watch them scampering up trees and swinging from branch to branch. Alternately, go on a walk that emphasises the pioneering gorilla researcher Dian Fossey’s study. You will journey through the forest to reach her cemetery and the home where she was enigmatically killed in 1985. It is a remarkable experience, both physically and emotionally. She is interred near to many other mountain gorillas who were slain by poachers, including Digit, her favourite gorilla.


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